Thursday, January 27, 2011


This is the first night that I haven't had to put the kids to bed, huh-I actually can't remember. Putting them to bed takes forever. For. Ever! I lay there........and lay there...... and lay there-hoping that every time it's quiet for 3 minutes together, that my prayers have been answered and they are asleep. Then the giggling starts, or "can I watch Max and Ruby now?" It sucks having the 2 young ones in our room. I always have the false hope that they will go to bed easily, and I will actually be able to get up and blog. Nope. If I am mean, and turn off the TV, then I usually fall asleep before them. When I put on stuff they aren't interested in, AKA my TV shows, then I can't hear anything over their loud protests for cartoons, water, or me yelling at them to lay down for the millionth time. So I bite the bullet, lay with them while they are watching Max and Ruby, or Wizards of Waverly Place (the one where Max is a girl), and play Angry Birds on my phone for hours until they both finally pass out.

Why are they in our room, you ask? Because this house is so old, I don't think that insulation was invented when it was built. It is literally freezing, "see your breath" cold in their room at night. The older boys used to be separated to go to bed easier, now they have to sleep in the same room for the body heat. They both sleep on the same mattress of the bunk bed (twin size) and cuddle, When I check on them later, I put 6 blankets on them when they are sleeping, so they don't kick them off. Our room is the same. Freezing, but we also stockpile blankets in there. We may as well be sleeping outside. This way we have 2 heaters running at night to heat the rooms we are in, instead of one in each room. I would probably have a stroke if I saw the bill after that. I am a serious heat Nazi. If I see a heater plugged in, during the day I freak out. We learned the lesson last Winter when we were very care-free with our heaters. The nearly 2 month size electric bill, for one month of use almost did me in. The guy told me that even if the heaters aren't in use, they draw a lot of energy just from being plugged in. So started my daily (hourly) "unplugging quests" in the house. It has made a difference.

Anyway, I am going to end this, because I am in one of the un-heated rooms. I honestly can't feel my fingers or toes right now. I am typing like I have hooves. Shivering like I'm having an epileptic seizure. I miss blogging, but until it heats up-I'm not sure how much I can actually get done. It's bad for my health. =) Stay warm, everyone!!

Doesn't this make you feel warmer just looking at it?