Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Very Productive Week

This has been one of the most productive weeks, craft-wise that I think I have ever had. It started out with me making 4 sets of 4 Scrabble tile coasters, for my brothers friend. I made her a set for herself before, and she enjoyed them so much she ordered some for a friend and family members for Christmas. A chance to make a little extra money? Yes, please!

Then, on Wednesday I was at scouts with Ben, and one of his lovely, crafty leaders told me that she had a booth at a craft fair, and if I made some stuff-I could bring it to sell. I could've died from happiness. A chance to sell something I made? For someone outside of my family and Facebook to see it? Fantastic! So I came home, got on Pinterest to look at the things that I had been wanting to make, and narrowed it down to things I can make with what I had-or very little money. Then I borrowed some Cricut cartridges from his scout leader, and set out to make some stuff.

From Wednesday night until Saturday morning (when the fair was), I got 5 hours of sleep. None of which was Friday night. And It was worth it. I love crafting, and would gladly forgo sleep any day of the week to have the chance to do it! Whether or not I sold anything was not important, since I had someone in mind for almost anything I made-just in case.....the chance that people would get to see it was what made me happy.

I didn't get everything done I had planned, and some of it didn't turn out like I wanted. That's alright. I had a blast, and I am SO grateful to Cheryl for the  excuse opportunity to craft.

On that note, here are a few pictures of what I did........
My Camp Half-Blood Painting, with hand cut vinyl. I love this, and am planning to make a few for my family members that are as in love with the Percy Jackson series as I am. This one sold though.

This is also a painting + vinyl, that I gave to my sister for my niece, Mia.

These are natural stone tiles with vinyl coasters that are now my Mom's.

This was my attempt at melted crayon art, using a glue gun. NOT A FAN. Too hard to control where it goes, and it takes forever to do. Sold.

I love this saying. This tile is now hanging in my kitchen.

This is also a wonderful saying. I think I want to put this up on the wall in my family room so I can remember it. I need to learn to live by this. I'm not the best at apologizing when I don't feel like I did anything wrong. This makes an awesome point. Sold.

Vinyl and tile coasters, Asian Edition. Sold.

Animal print vinyl and tile coasters. Sold.

This is what I came up with to try, after I wasn't happy with the melted crayon. Paint drips! Much easier to control, and I love how some of the paints started to blend. Since this wasn't dry in time, it didn't make an appearance at the fair. This is now my sister and brother-in-laws.

These are some of the coasters that were ordered for Christmas by my brothers friend.

More of the coasters......

Almost done........

last of the 16 coasters that were special ordered.

Though it is by no means perfect (owl anyone?!?), can you guess which coaster is my favorite? Can you? Hmmm.....  =)
I had one more 12 x 12 tile that said "Gratitude turns what we have into enough." I wasn't able to get a picture of it though, since it sold literally seconds after I put it out on the table at the fair. Awesome. =)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Going Green...Literally

I found one of the most genius things while browsing through Pinterest today. Moss. Paint. Seriously? Moss Paint!!


This is such a cool thing. I love moss. Just the green, spongy, beauty of it. I think it should be everywhere! And with the amount of moisture in the air outside right now, I won't have to remember to water it. This is definitely win-win. Here's what you do.....

"You’ll need several handfuls of moss, 12oz of buttermilk or a can of beer and a teaspoon of sugar. Mix in a blender until liquid and paint on the wall. Spray daily as it grows, as moss thrives when moist." Thank you ohmontreal.com for your description on how to make this. I couldn't have said it any better, so I didn't. =)

I am going to buy some moss tomorrow and make my yard GORGEOUS. Trees, brick walls-nothing is going to be safe. This is going to be so much fun!