Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Nathan drew big dinosaur footprints on the wall with sidewalk chalk. I said, "don't draw on the walls. If you want to draw, go get some paper." His response, "but Mom, dinosaur footprints won't fit on paper!"

Nathan: “Mom! Miles is on the table”
I get him off the table, and say, “No, Miles!”
Nathan “He doesn’t go on the table ‘cause he’s not food-right, Mom?”
Turns to Miles and scolds “Miles, stay off the table! You’re not food!”

Nathan: Mom I’m a good pooper!

Nathan: Mom, my teeth are mad at me.
Me: Why?
Nathan: Because I ate dirt all night long.
Me: Why would you eat dirt?
Nathan: Because you wouldn’t feed me.

Nathan looks at cousin Dave, confused, then asks....”Why are you so black?”
Dave “because I’m your Black cousin Dave.”
Nathan: “Ok. Are you going to let me fish with that?”(Dave was fixing a fishing pole)
Dave “Yeah, but not right now.”
Nathan runs excitedly over to the end of the dock where I was and yells with his hands in the air..
“Mom! I’m going to get to fish! Just not right now!”
Me: ”Ok. Yay!“

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I am so mean.....

Me, "Nathan, take these toys and put them in the toy box."

Nathan, "But I'm so thirsty mom. I need water..."

He proceeds to drape himself backwards over his dad's chair like he has no energy left in his whole body.

Me, "Do it now, I'm serious."

Nathan, "But I'll DIE if I don't get water. DO YOU WANT ME TO DIE?!?!"

Me, "Yes, I guess I do. If it means you don't get water, and you walk these toys over to the toy box. Right now!"

He sits up, looking shocked and horrified.

Nathan, "I can't believe you want me to DIE, Mom. Geez!"

Then he grudgingly takes the toys and puts them in the toy box, managing not to drop dead of dehydration while doing so.....

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hello Skype, my name is Tammy. Now What?????

I have joined the world of Skype. Although, to tell you the truth-I have no idea what that means. Friends have been telling me to join for years, it seems, and I have been resisting. I am completely dense when it comes to how things function. I am always the one that has set up the TV's, DVD players, computers, and phones-but that is mostly because I like to play with things, and I have played with enough wiring to get an idea of how to make things turn on. That's it.

I finally broke down when Alan's sister and niece told us they were on it. They live in Chicago, and Indianapolis and we really never get to see them. His family has never even seen our last 2 kids, other than in pictures. Video chatting seemed the way to go. So I got on the computer, and signed up.

Skype though, has me stumped. When I signed up, it had me put my cell phone number in. This is completely useless, because my cell phone doesn't work here. We live in the country and if I want to send a text I have to wave my phone around like a lunatic until I get the tiniest hint of a bar, and then I hold the pose-no matter how uncomfortable, or psychotic looking-until I get the "Sent" message, and all is clear. The only 2 times anybody has tried to contact me via Skype, they have called me on my cell. And both my best man buddy, and my awesome oldest brother have been promptly cut off due to my horrible service.

I added my home number to my profile, but I don't even know if it gives the option of them calling that. Are any of you Skyper's able to help me? This is supposed to be a good way to chat with our long lost family and friends, but if I can't get a handle on this I don't know how it's going to be of any use.

Monday, April 4, 2011

A, B, C's of Me........

I got this idea off of one of the blogs I read, and I figure it is a great way to get back into blogging, with very little effort to come up with a topic. Works, right?

A: Age. I am currently 33, though most of the time I don't know that. Mentally I am in my 80's I suppose, and not for the cool, intellectual reasons. For the pre-Alzheimer's-warning-sign kind of reasons.

B: Bed Size. We have a king, but it clearly isn't big enough. Once you add in the morning creepers (Nathan and Miles) I am always on the edge about to fall off.

C: Chore you dislike. All of them. Mostly the ones that involve putting things away, picking things up and the kitchen (if I had to narrow it down.)

D: Dogs. I like dogs. Labs are probably my favorite, but I just don't want any.

E: Essential start to my day. Waking up, is the most essential. After that, anything goes. =)

F: Favorite color. I love blues, browns, and greens. If it's in nature (color of sky, grass, water, dirt...) I love it.

G: Gag reflex triggers. Brushing my teeth triggers my gag reflex. Every. Morning. I was made fun of my whole life by my dear little sister, who then married a guy who does the same exact thing. Karma.

H: Height. 5 ft 7 1/2 in. of fun

I: Instrument I play/played. I played trumpet from 4th grade to 9th. Then I hurt my knee, and switched to percussion; the mallet ones. Marimba, xylophone type. I can dink around on the song flute, and right hand of a piano but not very well.

J: Jelly belly flavor. Root Beer and Watermelon are the ones I always try to steal before anybody sees them. I also like grapefruit.

K: Kids. Benjamin-8. Nicholas-6. Nathan-4. Miles-23 months.

L: Live for _____. Right now, I honestly live for the times when my kids get along. When there is peace in the house we have a lot of fun, and enjoy each other. I just wish I could have it a little bit more. I live for PEACE.

M: Most read book. Pride and Prejudice, and Catch 22. I've read those over and over through the years. They are my "go-to" books when I want to read something.

N: Nickname. Mom, Tams, Tamers

O: Overnight hospital stays. Only when I had the 4 boys. I loved those little vacations while I had them. Someone cooked, cleaned, and I got to sit and enjoy my baby all I wanted, watch TV, nap and take daily showers. They were fun while they lasted.

P: Pet Peeves. Oh, dear. I have a long list. The condensed version is as follows; people who chew with their mouths open, ignorant people, people who judge others based on their looks, people that don't listen, whining in all forms, idiotic drivers, people who use 'there' instead of 'they're' or 'their' (same goes for your & you're), stepping on melted ice cubes while wearing socks, wet towels on the bed.......that's enough for now. (Thank you Katie for 2 of those)

Q: Quote from a movie. "If what I think is happening, IS better not be." Mr. Fox's wife from Fantastic Mr. Fox. I can't remember her name, but I love that line. Also, Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel. "You might as well be rooting for truffles in the French country-side because you are, in fact, hogging!" Random funny quotes from the kids' movies, that make me laugh no matter how many times I hear them.

R: Recent time you cried. Talking with my sister on the phone today, because I missed her. I don't think she knew I was though.

S: Siblings. Aaron, Jason, Julie, Jeremy, Holly, Travis, Wendy and Adam.

T:  Time you go to bed. Usually anywhere from 1-4 am.

U: Ultimate Date. I would Love, Love, Love to go on an overnight date where a beach, hotel, and a picnic were included. I'm a girl, what can I say? A romantic evening is my fantasy.

V: Vegetable. I LOVE canned asparagus. Is that weird? I HATE it any other way. I also love cucumbers, sprouts, olives, squash and zucchini.

W: What makes you late. My kids!! They can never find their shoes, jackets, backpacks when they need to. Someone usually has to go to the bathroom on the way out the door (#2), and HEAVEN FORBID they NOT walk out of the house with 25 toys in their little hands!

X- X-rays. I have had some on my ankle, finger, and arm when I broke them. I don't remember if I had them on my knee, but I did get them on my back when I was hurt at work.

Y: Yummiest food you make. Probably the cheese zombies. Those are a crowd pleaser every time. Also, my Death by Chocolate cookies get requested quite a bit.

Z: Zoo animal you must see. I love looking at all of them. I will stay as long as it takes to make it around the entire zoo if I can. I probably like going to the zoo more than the kids do.

Now that you know me a little bit more, do you still feel the same way about me?