Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Catch Up Time!!

Lots of days on here...

Here we go!!!

A Bad Habit = Procrastionation. I mean, my last post was on July 28.....need I say more?

Someone I Love = Miles. Dirt and all, and even though he steals our toothbrushes so I have to constantly buy new ones (proof right here). He's been my easiest kid so far, and he's so much fun to have around. That being said-I love all my boys, Alan included. I just had to split up them up with the pictures I was taking.

Childhood Memory = Our trip to Lake Tahoe When I was about 11 or 12. We went to Ponderosa Ranch, where Bonanza was filmed (outdoor scenes at least), and I had my first taste of Sarsaparilla. Lovely sarsaparilla! I've been a fan ever since.

Something Blue = Since I am the mother of all boys this was pretty easy. Plus, I love blue AND I love skulls, so.....

Sunset = This was harder since I rarely know when the sun is even setting. I'm usually running around, or doing something. Today, I made an effort to be outside to photograph it. Certainly wasn't spectacular by any means, but it was pretty with the contrast of the porch colors, and the trees. At least I thought so.

Yourself With 13 Things = These 13 magnets represent different things I love. A pumpkin for my enormous LOVE of the holiday season (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas). Skulls for my love of science. (These came from National Geographic, so very sciencey. hee, hee.) An elephant for my love of animals-other people's animals. The goldfish, both because I like this kind of goldfish (again, other people's), and I love the color orange. The hard one to see in the center is the rainbow effect left on the water from an oil spill. It reminds me that beautiful things can come from disastrous events. The little girl is for my love of drawing. The 4 leaf clover is for my love of nature. The skull bottle cap, again represents my boys and how I love them, but they will probably be the death of me. =) The Leninade cap represents my trip to Russia with my brother, Jason and sister, Holly. Fun time. The lower right different language one is the bible in ancient Greek. Reminds me to keep God in my life. The top different language just represents my love of learning about  anything foreign, and travelling!!!! The footprint shows the way I prefer to be-sans shoes. And last but not least, San Francisco. The Bay Area. My home. I miss it greatly.

Eyes = Nick's eyes. You can probably tell he is raising his eyebrows in question at the time I took this. This is soooo Nick. Always asking questions. Any answer I give is never good enough to stop the questions, so I chose this for the shot.

Sunflare = Ok, I substituted Silhouette because I couldn't get Ben to co-operate with taking a picture. Plus I got this pretty awesome shot while I was waiting for the sun to go down. This reminds me of the absolute power books can have in our lives; whether it be for good and they brighten our lives with their knowledge, or for worse and they blind us to the world around us.

Long Exposure = Nathan was pretending to fly. He is so giggly, this was a hard thing to do and get any kind of focus in the picture. It is what it is. He had fun though. =)