Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Question of the day...

I am just curious....why is it that when Non-LDS (or Mormon) people want to find out about my church-they look at websites that are made by EX-LDS people, and not the actual church?

Say you were married, and you ended up getting a divorce. If I wanted to find out what kind of person you truley were, should I ask YOU, or your bitter EX? What kind of things do you think I would hear more about you from your former spouse? The good? Or every horrible thing you ever did that bugged/annoyed/hurt/irritated them? I'm not saying that my church is perfect, because my church is made up of humans, but if you want to find out about it go to or There are answers to your questions there, by people who actually know what they are talking about. I feel that though humans are imperfect, every ones beliefs are perfect to them-no matter what they may be. I happen to believe in this. You may believe in the more Mainstream Christianity that includes the Trinity (as my husband does), or Wicca (as a very good friend does). I have a sister that believes in Mother Earth and Father Sky. My point of view is this-as long as your beliefs are true to you, and they make you feel good and strive to be the best version of you imaginable-that is fantastic! I applaud you. I won't judge you for your beliefs, and I ask you don't judge me for mine. Respect is where it's at! We are all just trying to get through everyday life, and nobody should make life harder on anyone. If you don't believe the same as someone else, WHO CARES?!?

I absolutely LOVE the saying by John Lennon:

"It matters not who you love,
 where you love,
why you love,
when you love or how you love.
It matters only that you love."

Ok, enough. I was really just bothered by some things I was reading on a blog, where a bunch of angry people were commenting about my church, and they were either formerly Mormon and scorned by people, or hearing about my church second hand from a non-Mormon. If I want to learn about Buddhism, I surely would not go and ask an LDS person, or some random biased website that I know nothing about the author..... I would go straight to the source. And at the end of day, I guess, that is all I am asking.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That)

If you know me, you will know that I am slightly somewhat completely in love with Flight of the Conchords. They are brilliant and comedic songwriters, and may I say it's an absolute travesty that they don't have a show any more. Okay, okay-rant over. Jemaine is my favorite. It may be the sexy accent, the nerdy glasses, his contagious giggle, his height...I don't know. But I do have a mad crush. =)

Aside form that-they were asked to write a song for charity to help sick kids. This is the song they came up with after interviewing kids. It is amazing! I think this needs to played on the radio. All. The. Time. Take a listen and fall in love with it like I did. If you feel like donating to the cause of helping out sick children, there are a few links on YouTube. Enjoy, and leave me a comment on what you think of it.

If you have seen The new Muppet movie, Bret (on left above) wrote-and won a Grammy for his song "Man or Muppet". And if you have kids that love the movie Rio-like mine do, Jemaine (on the right) does the voice, and wrote the song for Nigel. He is a fantastic evil bird.