Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why? Why is this necessary?

*Let me start off by saying that I am not judging anyone who owns one of these. I just personally don't understand the reason for them.

What am I talking about? Hands-free soap dispensers.

Have you seen the commercials?

"You don't know what germs are on your soap!"

Distraught actress nearly faints, after looking at the now ominous soap pump by her sink. *GASP!* 

"Buy our hands-free soap dispenser and you will never have to touch another germy pump again!"

Huge sigh of relief as her nasty pump disappears, and is magically replaced with the new hands-free soap being sold as if it were a tiny Superhero, sent to save her from any bad thing that would ever dare to confront her again. DAY SAVED!!

Um, I just have to ask....Who in the world touches a soap pump (or bar of soap for that matter) without the sole purpose of washing their hands immediately? I mean-isn't that why you are touching it? And also, say you are grabbing a bar of soap....What germs are there? Isn't soap self-cleaning? Isn't that the whole purpose of soap? To kill germs? If germs are hanging out on your soap, you are better off cleaning your hands with baby spit since that at least dissolves everything. Well, that or you should at least switch soap brands to one that actually does it's ONLY job.

It reminds me of a scene from Friends, which sadly plays in my head  pretty much every time I take a shower. I confess, I do giggle nearly every time too.

Chandler and Joey were talking about soap and the shower for some reason, and Joey says to Chandler,

 "Just remember what you wash first, and what I wash last..." (Or something to that effect)

And Chandler gets significantly horrified to realize that he has been washing his face with Joey's butt soap. Sure, it makes me laugh, but's soap. Once it is wet, it pretty much cleans itself. That was the whole reason for the invention of it.

So again I ask, "What are the purpose of these hands-free dispensers?"

 My guess is just to feed into the "Germ Hysteria" our society seems to be affected by. I played in mud, ate dog food out of our dog's bowl, and swam in the disgusting creek in our neighborhood-and shock of all shocks-I am alive and well enough to post this blog. Must be a miracle.

I say, bring on the germs! Let our kids bodies learn to fight them so they don't get sick at the drop of a hat. I will always have hands-ON pumps, and will gladly use bar soap in the shower. And I predict that I will not die from the 'supposed' germs hanging around on them. Especially considering all the germs that are festering on the water spout, or the bathroom door handle. Now those are gross!

This scene from New Girl kinda fits into what I'm saying, and makes me laugh when I see it. Go ahead and take a minute to watch it. You won't regret it.