Friday, December 14, 2012

I LOVE Chuck. The show is brilliant, or was. It's not on anymore. Unless you count the DVD's playing at my house. My kids are even fans, and frankly I am sad for anyone that hasn't heard of-or watched this show. So for my birthday, I decided that I wanted a shirt to show off my total nerdiness. Unfortunately, the shirt selection out there on the world wide web left something to be desired. Either it wasn't what I wanted, not big enough, or cost too much. So what to do, what to do??? Oh, yeah-I could make my own. =) Just figured I would walk you through the process...(There are more than one shirt, since I painted 4 of them tonight, but this is the process.) Ok, I start out by finding a Logo I liked on Google, and drew it onto paper. Then I made copies, so I didn't ruin my original.
Then I drew it onto Freezer Paper, tracing over my original, and cut out with an exacto knife. You put the iron on 'Cotton' setting, and iron on the freezer paper-wax side down. Make sure you put some freezer paper on the inside of the shirt where you will be painting-wax side up-so that the paint doesn't go through to the backside. Once it's on, paint the background...I chose red to match the Logo on the DVD box.
When the background paint dries, iron on the foreground letter freezer paper, and paint.
After the letters are all dry, peel off all the freezer paper. If any of the paint has leaked through, you may have to just touch up a little bit. Place a big piece of freezer paper over all the painting, and iron on cotton setting again for about 20 seconds.
Take the freezer paper out of the inside and done, done, done!!! I love how they turned out, and can't wait for mine to dry so I can wear it!
This is my next one to do....

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  1. Those turned out AWESOME!!!! I must have one, but not of Chuck. Be sad for me, I have never even heard of Chuck before. Chunk from Goonies would't that make a cute shirt! Hehehe