Wednesday, August 14, 2013

20 Facts

I found this post "30 Things my kids should know about me" on Pinterest a while ago and fell in love with it. So much so, that I tacked it onto the favorites board on my computer as well as pinning it; and there it sat. For a few months. It sat there until I decided a week ago that I was going to do something about finally getting it done. So I did. I wrote all the questions down, get this: in my craft journal. Now I was serious. Seriously meaning to actually, really do something about it. Possibly something my kids would be able to eventually read some day. I was Inspired!! The problem was, I wrote all of these things down around 3 a.m. That is the time I usually get very inspired to do something, and I come up with a lot of great ideas, and plan things to do the next day......and I go to sleep. Then I wake up unmotivated. Or worse; I wake up and completely forget about the genius idea that I had come up with, and was positive I would never forget, so I didn't bother writing it down. I didn't need to. Ugh. Unfortunately this last scenario is exactly why I now keep a craft journal on my side of the bed. No more brilliant ideas will be lost because of  my lack of the proper writing utensils/paper during the unholy hours of the morning. But, as I was saying-I loved that post. I'm pretty sure my kids know a ton about me now because they ask me a million and a half questions per day; but I thought I would write down some stuff for them to be able to look back on some day when they are less interested in asking. Also, the blog that I got it from has some very interesting questions that I think would be fun to know about your mom. (Ahem. Hint, hint, Mom) That being said, I will probably think of a different question for the day that asks about "who you would eat dinner with and what you would eat?" I've never understood why that is something to ask another person. What does that tell you of their character? It just tells you what they are hungry for and someone they like, or say they like. Lets be honest, most people feel that if they don't throw in Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr. or someone inspiring, instead of who they really want to say (Elvis, anyone?), they will sound like a shallow racist and go to Hell for sure. So, expect a different question that day if you are following along.

So with out anymore rambling, here I go:

Question #1    List 20 Random Facts about yourself

1. I love all things rainbow. The more colors something has, the happier it tends to make me. I would decorate the house with rainbows and unicorns if I could, but Dad wouldn't like it so I won't. But I want to. That is why I wear colorful socks (that you guys steal). I decorate myself.

2. I love magic (Hence the unicorn reference.) I wish it was real. I wish I went to Hogwarts, like really went there. If you don't understand that reference, I have failed as a parent. I would walk around calling out random spells and waving a magic wand, if I thought it would work. It also might get you strange looks from kids at school so just remember I am sacrificing my happiness, because I love you guys and care about your feelings. You're welcome.

3. I am not a natural parent. I know right? I had you all fooled! It is so much harder than I ever thought it would be. I used to have patience with kids, and since I became a parent I realized that I used it all up on other kids. Sorry, It's unfair, I know. Hey, take it up with the Big Man. There isn't anything I can do about it.

4. I have a lot of crazy fears, and most of them I don't remember where they came from. I know where the doll fear came from. That, I will never forget. But heights? I climbed on the roof of our two story house growing up, hanging out of a window where I had to swing my legs to even get onto the roof because there was nothing under me to catch me if I slipped. I climbed to the top of the tree in the front of that same house, that was nearly as tall as the house, and would just drop onto a pile of blankets and sleeping bags that were loosely piled on the ground. (Know this-if I ever see you do anything even remotely similar-I will kill you. I won't wait for the ground to do it. If you do stupid crap like that, at least have the decency to do it when I don't know about it. Like I did. That crap will give a mom a heart attack!) I'm also scared of too much of anything, and I really do mean anything. People, ants, ladybugs.......if I feel there is too much, I panic and can't breathe.

5. I adore Christmas. And Halloween. Any reason to decorate, I'm there! That is a tradition I want you to carry on. Even if your spouse (like your father) says that it "looks like Christmas/Halloween threw up in here." That is when you know you are doing it right. Maybe even add some more. Good thing your dad was kidding. Side note, choose your spouse wisely. Make sure they like decorating before you marry them. It IS important.

6. I'm always right. Even when I'm not, you'll never know. I have earned this right as a parent, and you will earn it too, sometime in the very, VERY distant future when you have kids. So stop arguing with me about everything. Seriously. I want to smack you.

7. I DO remember your point of view. Vividly. I remember feeling very justified in thinking my parents were just mean, hateful people that didn't want me to have any fun. Now that I'm on the other end? I get it. I see both sides and even though I do remember what you are thinking and feeling, I also see the point of view as the parent and may not always agree with you. And as you see in fact #6, I am always right. Also, sometimes you just piss me off and I say 'No' just to spite you. I'm an adult in age, not always in maturity. You will understand this when you are a parent too.

8. I blame-shift sometimes to cover my short-comings. But it's not my fault.

9. Christmas music can make me in a better mood. 70's music works as well. Music calms me down, so quiet down the screaming, tantrums, tattling, whining, begging and let me hear my music. It will help us all.

10. Despite popular belief, I do know how to use the bathroom by myself. I haven't once fallen in. Well, once, but I was a kid and it was the middle of the night and one of your uncles left the toilet seat up. So, It couldn't be avoided. (Did I mention my blame-shifting tendency?) Just know, if I go to the bathroom alone....I will be just fine. Trust me.

11. It is really hard for me to come up with 20 facts.

12. I adore reading. I didn't always, but I do now. So keep at it and eventually you will like it too. (Even if the book is longer than 100 pages, Ben.) The best books are long and have no pictures.

13. I love the smell of rain, oranges, lemons, vanilla, cinnamon, your Dad's cologne, books and paint.

14. I really do get mad when you chew with your mouth open. Even though I am self-diagnosed with Misophonia,  it's a REAL disorder; I will duct tape your mouth shut and feed you intravenously if you keep chewing loudly next to me. It's disgusting. Get it under control.

15. I may not like you sometimes, but I will always love you. I understand it goes both ways. You don't have to like me all the time either. You do have to let what is bugging you go, and get over it because family is forever. They are the only ones that will always be there. Don't let anger ruin that. Let things go.

16. I love doing crafty stuff with you guys. It makes me proud to have kids that enjoy making things with me, even when you sneak into my stash while I am sleeping. (Ben.)

17. I am a huge photo junkie. Yes, I do need 4,000 pictures of you guys. You grow up too fast, and I like looking back at pictures of you. One day you will be happy I took this many pictures of you, when you are visiting with your kids and looking at the hundreds of photos and laughing. I might even have them printed out by then. Until that day, just smile for the camera!

18. I believe in honesty, love, and loyalty. Give those gifts to others, and hope for them in return.

19. Random acts of kindness are always a good idea. We have been blessed with so many wonderful things from anonymous, generous people. I truly believe in giving what I can, and helping others out without even thinking of getting anything in return. Never give to receive. It's the wrong way to do it. Do it with a loving heart, and let the blessing be that you are doing a service to someone that needs it.

20. I still have a hard time spelling the same words I would always get wrong as a kid. Not sure why. Misspell? Appreciate? Calendar? Necessarily? Those words still suck to me. Thank goodness for Google.