Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What is My Dream Job, and Why?

     I'm really struggling with this post. Mostly because, I have no idea. I'm an adult, but like so many "grown-ups" out there, I honestly couldn't tell you what I wan to "be". I knew when I was 6-7. I was going to be a Veterinarian. I was sure. Then, I was sure again at 12 that I wanted to be a Psychologist. College rolled around and my new found passion was to be a Travel Agent. I wanted to travel the world and help others get that chance too. My grandfather, who was going to pay for my classes, said that being a Travel Agent would not make a good career because there wasn't much money in it. BOOM! Enter the thing I had not thought about. Money. See, I had always decided what I wanted to be based purely on what I thought would make me happy. Now, grandpa brought the 'reality' part of choosing a career into it. I didn't like that. I was confused. So I picked out a Literature class, a Creative Writing class, and Math 101. All very general and could be applied to anything. My Major was set as General Education, and I figured that I would just know what I wanted with time. Silly me. I love writing, so I naturally enjoyed my class and walked away with an easy A. I adore reading, so Literature was a breeze. Another A. Math? I took a refresher course that basically just reminded me of the things I had already learned in High School, and snagged my final A. I was still very unsure about what I wanted to do with my life, so I quit college and I got a job. Many jobs, in fact. I could do jobs. They required no real dedication. They are supposed to be temporary, right? There was no lifelong commitment with them that was expected with a career. I felt so relieved!

     I dove in and did everything. I built phones in the Federal Buildings in Oakland. I was a Nanny for 5 children. I worked at Blockbuster. Then I discovered Fed Ex. I LOVED that job. It was tedious, and extremely physically demanding, but the environment was constantly "GO, GO, GO! WE NEED THIS TO GET OUT NOW!!" and I didn't notice the repetition so much. Sure, it had stress. Lots of it, in fact, but it kept me interested; best thing of all was that I got to use my hands. I have always been very fond of using my hands to create things. At Fed Ex, I literally played Tetris every night as I put the boxes into my cans. I consistently won little tokens and awards in my group for having the heaviest can. I was good at it.

     Over the years I have become more and more addicted to crafting. Painting, coloring, drawing, sewing, mixing, sculpting, cooking.....All of it. What does this all have in common? Using my hands. I know I have talked in other posts about the sense of accomplishment; the thrill of looking at something that went from a blank canvas to a piece of art, all because of something that I did. Me. With my hands. I suppose this is because there really is a joy to it.A sense of soul fulfillment! While I don't really have an answer to the question of what my dream job is, I do know that whatever it may be; it would involve using my hands. Creating. Happiness. Pride. Even if it doesn't make a ton of money, it would help me feel complete. My goal has always been to help people (and apparently animals). So my advice is to pick a job kids that makes you happy. The responsibility of making money is always there, but there are choices that can be made to accommodate whatever your passion is. Make sure there is always a bit of fun in whatever you do. It's all about attitude. While some people were having meltdowns because of the stress at Fed Ex, I played games with myself and had fun. I sang songs in my head, while putting the same buttons, on the same spots, on the same phones, over and over again. If you have a good attitude, you will enjoy any job. Whether it is an actual career, or just a stepping stone on the way.

     I really hate posting Ashton Kutcher's speech, because EVERYBODY has, but I feel I must. He nails it! His three things to remember are so spot on, I think it important for everyone to watch it and really take in what he is saying.

Ashton Kutcher Acceptance Speech 2013

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