Thursday, August 22, 2013

5 Passions I Have Right Now

I'm not feeling a long blog tonight. I'm feeling pretty lazy. So I'll do this quick. Hmmm, let's see; Five things I am passionate about right now?

Travel- I want to go everywhere. If money was no object I would go to a different country at least once a year. Experience the culture, see the people, and explore the sites. It would be Heaven.

Art- In any form: food, painting, photography, music, books......all mediums are to be respected, and will be thoroughly enjoyed by me. It's my Zen place.

Genealogy- I am so interested in finding out where my family came form. I think it's important to know. It gives you a connection to History, and you get a glimpse of the stock that you're from; good or bad. Alan's family is very difficult to trace back, partially because of the inevitable roadblock; slavery. There is just a point that you can't get past, and that is very sad to me. Some of the problem is just not getting any information. Alan is no help, and I have no luck trying to get it other ways. I find genealogy to be so addicting! Once I start finding little clues, it becomes all consuming. I have countless papers filed away that are full of discovered ancestor lines. Scribbled names, dates, and places. I love it!

Love- Tolerance. Acceptance. Coexisting. You know, just LOVE and all that it encompasses.

Sleep- I'm not getting enough, and I just want it so bad!! Oh, beautiful, elusive beast.... Come hang out with me a while, won't ya?!? I'll braid your hair, and tell you you're pretty.....

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