Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 5: Top 5 Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

1. Quiet. I dream of this daily while I am listening to arguing, teasing, screaming, banging and other mysterious crashing noises.......Silence is such a beautiful thing, and it makes me profoundly happy when I do get it.

2.  "Il dolce far niente". The sweetness of doing nothing. I would be very happy to do nothing for a day. Have you heard Bruno Mars' Lazy Song? That's what I'm feeling. I got to lay in bed for a while today while Alan was up with the kids. I watched Skyfall, and loved every second of it.

3.  Crafting makes me walk around like Cinderella, twirling and singing with the birds. I am super happy when I get to make things. Anything. A bad day can be turned into a fantastic one by simply finding something crafty to do. It really doesn't take much.

4. Talking to family. I got to talk to my brother, Jason today; and it literally made me forget about the headache I was suffering from. I miss him. I miss all of my family; and when I get to talk to any of them, especially about movies I am complete. This goes with friends too. Just the whole, connecting to people I love does it.

5. Music. More 70's mix lately. Listen to these and try and tell me you aren't happy.
I would love to be more 'deep' with this list, but it's been a rough few days with the kids. I went with the five things that make me happy today.

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