Monday, August 19, 2013

Three Wishes

How many times have you considered this question growing up? I can recall many, many conversations with friends, siblings, and my kids asking me where this subject came up.There are always rules though, aren't there? Like the Genie on Aladdin you were serious about the rules, as if having your wishes granted was a possibility. No wishing for more wishes, right? No bringing anyone back from the dead....Just kidding. I'm going to go ahead and state right here that there are no rules, since I am not a child anymore; rules don't apply to me.

Wish # 1
I wish to have a never ending bank account. No matter what I spend, I wish there would be money in there to cover it. Bills? Paid. Groceries? Done. The occasional vacation? Go ahead! No, "I wish for a million dollars" from the days of my youth. A million doesn't go very far today, and though it is nothing to sniff at; I decide how much I want. A never ending bank account is more my style. Think of the help you can give!?! I would just like enough. Enough to do what we want/need sometime. That would be so nice.
Wish # 2
I wish for Magical powers! I would be a full-blooded, wand carrying Hogwarts graduate. Top of my class! I would cast spells and live a magical existence, and be blissful because I could make my world the way I wanted it.
Wish # 3
I wish for a remote control that can control people. I know magical powers would cover this, but think of the satisfaction of aiming a remote at a screaming kid and hitting MUTE! Holy crap, the ecstasy! Are the kids taking their sweet time getting ready for school, and now you might be late? Press FAST FORWARD and get those suckers moving! Same with the person in the passing lane that is going 10 MPH UNDER the speed limit. Fast Forward, Fast Forward, FAST FORWARD!!! Hubby say something that made you mad? PAUSE! Throw water at them, tie their shoes together, scream out all of the insults you want to say, but don't want to deal with the consequences of them hearing; then just UNPAUSE and feign ignorance. I am smiling just thinking of the possibilities of this wish fulfillment. Of course, I would only use this one responsibly....


  1. hmm but sometimes its your spouse who's slow. lol

    1. Cause i know mine is especially when i am the one in a hurry. lol